Providing A Free Market Place
And Unrivalled Business Systems
To A Creative Community

App Designer?

  • AppDeskPro provides a total workflow management suite enabling you to build teams and apportion responsibility to specific areas of App Creation and Support to specific enabling production of Apps to be on a Mass Scale while providing quality control in a structured collaborative environment.
  • AppDeskPro provides you the opportunity within a managed framework to earn valuable Annual Support Contracts for change management.
  • AppDeskPro has unrivalled functionality enabling you to build internal multi lingual teams in a global environment 
  • AppDeskPro is focussed on volume App creation and appeals to those who are commercially ambitious and is provided free of charge with no commission taken from your privately agreed earnings

Email Marketers

  • Build Professional relationships with leading App Providers globally and be rewarded for supporting App Email and Sms Marketing
  • Become part of a global community of Marketers, build a portfolio of App Provider Clients providing support contracts for their App Clients
  • Be rewarded on a Success basis (Orders / Instructions / Reservations) in addition to fixed annual contract.
  • Monitor the success of your campaigns and benefit from Community Forums with tips and advice from fellow professionals
  • Contribute to and benefit from community royalty free images tailored to specific languages and culture.

Provides exciting global business opportunities

If you provide scanning bureau services you too could win lucrative business as a result of App Launch requirements.
App Owners migrating from Aggregator sources of orders to Direct Own App Orders need your services to scan past receipts to extract customer information.